The Artist

Born in Mexico and raised in the U.S., Ms. Nyoka worked in regional theater as a music theater performer before moving into music composition with the Funk, Soul & Hip-Hop musical collective Community Education. Since then she has toured Western Europe with the group making television appearances on Second Channel in Germany and has been a featured artist at Tanzhaus NRW International Dance Theater in Dusseldorf, as well as CKUT FM-90.3 Radio in Canada, WFMU FM-91.1 in New York and New Jersey and Tilos Radio FM-90.3 Budapest, Hungary. Ms. Nyoka has gone on to work with multi-media artists to write and produce five (5) online graphic musical webisodes, The Last Days of Kartika. Most recently, Ms. Nyoka brought the graphic musical to the stage in a live cabaret show in Budapest, Hungary.

The Series

The Last Days of Kartika is an online graphic musical that uses Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop music to tell the story of the citizens of Kartika during their most troublesome times. A series of 20-30 Webisodes, each not to exceed 10 minutes, will culminate into a one act live motion comic with new musical works by the Hip Hop collective Community Education. The project brings the motion comic to life, merging its digital avatar with a real time theatrical production. The Last Days of Kartika is a story told in multiple mediums yet still centers itself in musical composition.



David Van Allen (Animation)- Award winning Animator Designer Artist and co-owner of Noir Worldwide.

Shama Chohan (Animation/graphics)- Interactive/Web designer and developer for Noir Worldwide.

Nick Suders (Illustration)- works primarily on creating graphic novels for various writers and musicians alike as he continues to expand his portfolio into a variety of markets. Nick's favorite professional credits include works for such well-known companies as D.A.R.E and the United States Post Office, as well as custom designs for countless international clientele. Love and thanks to family, friends and to his wife who is his biggest fan and sweetest muse.

Tommy Turnstyles (Music)- founding member of Funk/Soul/Hip Hop collective Community Education, Turnstyles works as both composer and sound designer for the series. He is also head music producer for the collective.

Gerald Kaloi (Co-developer)- Kaloi is a San Francisco native. Growing up in the area he competed at national and international levels of Figure Skating while pursuing intensive ballet training. At 38, and after successful careers in US Figure Skating, technology and politics at a state level, Kaloi pursued a short yet successful concert dance career as well working with Artistic Directors worldwide. Kaloi now hopes to produce and foster young talent to be able to do the same.